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Virtual sponsor

[ Press: Trade Show News Network] 5 Ways to Drive Greater Value For Virtual Event Sponsors

Looking for ways to drive value for sponsors in a virtual events world? Think holistically and leverage the unique aspects of digital to create sponsorship opportunities with impact.

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For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration: The Audience

In the corporate event space, our world has quickly moved from 90% live to 100% virtual. While we have the tools to bring your event to life, the pivot demands a new way of thinking - and a new audience to consider. Here's some tips on providing content that's both engaging and respectful to your audience's time.

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PM Plan Engaging Events

[ Press: The Enterprisers ] How to Plan Engaging Virtual Events

"Virtual events boast their own unique benefits, such as better learning for attendees," says Doug Binder, Senior Creative Director at InVision Communications during an interview with The Enterprisers Project.

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DKM Pega

One Pivot Leads to Another And Everybody Wins!

When software giant Pegasystems made the decision to pivot PegaWorld iNspire from live to virtual, a lot had to change in the course of less than a week. In addition to all of the content planning, logistics, and communications, there was the matter of the entertainment they’d booked for the event. Read on to learn how we pulled it off.

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A Time of Uncertainty Blog 01

A Time of Uncertainty: Employee Communication Planning during COVID-19

During a time of uncertainty, more communication and connectedness is required, not less. With an abundance of confusion around what’s next, employees need support beyond logistical and tactical updates. At InVision, we recommend our clients build out an employee engagement plan that focuses on three key areas: compassion, motivation, and connection.

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How are experiential agencies grappling with coronavirus

[ Press: Adweek ] How Are Experiential Marketing Agencies Grappling With Coronavirus?

Nicole Bojic, SVP of Strategy, was quoted in Adweek on our approach to helping brands proactively pivot towards digital experiences at this time.

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Two Hours of Magic Web

“Two Hours of Magic”: Pivoting from a live experience to virtual/digital? Here are a few things to consider.

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly upset the event industry—both B2B and B2C. While some events are being canceled, others are pivoting to virtual/digital experiences in an effort to maintain momentum and support important corporate initiatives.

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Pivot Playbook

New "Pivot Playbook" Helps Clients Shift Face-To-Face Events to Digital Experiences

As coronavirus continues its rapid global spread — and continues to drive the cancellation of face-to-face events — InVision Communications has developed and launched a new “Pivot Playbook.” This proprietary playbook steers clients as you make difficult decisions in the face of the outbreak, and supports you in developing engaging experiences on digital platforms.

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Marketing automation

[ Press: Corporate Event News ] Is Event Marketing Automation Right for You? Here's How To Tell

“The right automation approach should result in increased effectiveness in event professionals’ communications over time, as recipient data is continually analyzed and everything from email length to send times to subject lines are tested and tweaked based on what’s resonating," says InVision's Eileen Page in an interview with Corporate Event News.

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