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How Flexible is Your Event Branding

How Flexible is Your Event Branding? Top Three Tips to Optimize Brand Experience

Remarkable changes are happening in how event branding is evolving to become more effective and impactful. Clear and compelling visual design, threaded throughout the entire event brand experience, helps attendees stay aligned on the messaging goals and business objectives that the brand is communicating, and drives impactful user experience.

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Persona Development and Journey Mapping

Audience-First Planning Creates Impact

To ensure your messaging initiates the desired action and behaviors from your attendees, it's important to shift thinking from the audience as one large monolith group at the receiving end of your content to a dynamic group comprised of several important persons, or personas.

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Blog 5 How Technology is Changing the Events Industry

How Technology Is Evolving the Event Industry

At a time when we’re all working to make our corporate events more immersive, technology is changing the events industry for the better. Here’s how.

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Adobe Max

The Adobe MAX Experience

Several members of our design team attended Adobe MAX in Los Angeles and brought back a wealth of inspiration, piqued by Adobe’s community-first approach. Rather than installing a one-to-many showcase of the latest and greatest, the event took the form of a three-day festival celebrating the creative community.

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Product Viz

How to Spend Less and Innovate More

In every vertical in every corner of the globe, product innovation is critical to your organization’s survival. In fact, failure to stay ahead of consumer demands and weather changes in the marketplace puts companies at risk. Product innovation guarantees survival; it allows companies to penetrate new markets, secure new customers, retain existing customers, boost profits and expand reach.

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Networking With Purpose Blog Hero

Networking With Purpose

InVision believes that more meaningful connections can be made by networking with purpose. Networking is one of the primary reasons people attend events; attendees value opportunities to meet face-to-face with industry peers— to catch up, build new relationships, and share best practices. It’s clear that networking drives business success. That’s why we design experiences with purposeful networking in mind.

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Part Three: "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

In the final part of our "Exit Through the Gift Shop" series, we take a look at how event organizers can take advantage of the lulls to keep users engaged during “every moment,” with an eye towards more profitable events. Anybody who has gone to an amusement park knows that there's a good amount of “downtime," but it's how theme parks optimize those times to further engage guests (and potentially drive more revenue) that tickle our feathers. Let’s take a closer look at how the "most magical places on earth" make every moment matter.

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Part Two: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

In the second part of our "Exit Through the Gift Shop" series, we take a look at theme parks' navigational design intended to surprise and delight their guests, and how we can apply that same "magic" into a corporate event's audience journey.

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Part One: "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

A key challenge marketers often face is how to craft experiences that immediately bring attendees into the fold of the brand’s magic, confirming for guests that their time (and money) are well spent. In this first (of a 3-part) blog series, we explore theme park designs that offer tips on how to make an immediate impact by engaging audiences quickly—before and right as they arrive on site.

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