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5 G Enables Better Experiences

How 5G Will Enable Better Audience Engagement at Events

By embracing and planning for 5G today, brands will be ready to deliver personalized and immersive experiences that maximize your marketing creativity, audience engagement and business impact.

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Give Back Blog

InVision Gives Back: Making Philanthropy Part of Company Culture

In celebration of National Philanthropy Day, we'd like to take a step back and share some of the momentum we've garnered throughout the years in support of charitable programs and organizations. Read why Co-Founder, Drew Hagen has instilled giving back into the heart of our company.

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Event Trends Blog Photo 02

[Trade Show News Network] These 4 Event Trends Were on the Rise Pre-pandemic – Here’s How They’ll Impact Future Events

Where is the events industry headed post-COVID? InVision Associate Creative Director, Grace Ranstrom reflects on which trends and behaviors are here to stay, with Trade Show News Network.

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Designing For Digital Hero 01

[Corporate Event News] An Art Director's 5 Best Practices for Designing Digital Event Platforms

How can brands reach the same level of event engagement using digital platforms? InVision's Art Director, Stephanie Donlin shares 5 best practices with Corporate Event News for cutting through online noise to drive an immersive experience.

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How to Transform Corporate Events Into Catalysts for Change

As events move to digital, it's more important than ever to create personalized journeys with multiple touchpoints if you want to change an audience’s behavior or mindset in the long term.

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DNC RNC VM As Blog Post

The World’s Biggest Stages Go Virtual: 10 Observations from the RNC/DNC/VMA

How do you reproduce the live, arena-style rituals of amped-up patriotism and musical mind-benders in a pandemic? And what can the events business learn from it? InVision Senior Creative Director Doug Binder takes us through 10 validations and revelations after observing high-profile events.

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CES Blog Post

Countdown to New Years! CES Goes Digital

CES has gone digital. We might not be together in Vegas, but the show must go on. Audiences are still expecting a world-class, over-the-top, only-at-CES spectacle that celebrates the best of innovation, design and absolute on-brand magic.

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CEO Roundup blog

CEMA Summit: Agency CEO Roundtable Insights

Every year, CEMA Summit brings together marketing and event leaders for an inspiring, fun-filled few days to share best practices, network, and learn. This year, InVision’s CEO, Rod Mickels, moderated an inspiring and thought-provoking roundtable conversation with fellow agency leaders to discuss salient topics impacting the events space at this time. Here are a few highlights and observations from their conversations.

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Use It or Lose It Hero 03

Use It or Lose It. How to Navigate Uncertainty, Advance Marketing Initiatives, and Protect Future Budgets

The coronavirus pandemic is on the verge of steamrolling entire industries and transforming the paradigm of others. As companies deal with this disruption, they are making decisions that will affect the long-term success of their businesses. And while budgets are being slashed, it's critical to reallocate funds wisely and invest the dollars you've saved in the health of your organization.

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