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Employee Recognition Hero

Boost Employee Engagement: Building a Strategic Recognition Program

How do you design an employee recognition program that will honor, retain, and engage top performers, while also inspiring an increase in desirable behaviors from employees company-wide? It's a heavy lift. But it's an achievable one, when you apply the these best practices.

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Design Trends2020 Zoom

[ Webinar ] - 2020 Design Trends

Is your brand's creative and visual identity currently relevant and connecting with your audiences? Brands spend thousands of dollars each year to create and cultivate a unique set of design elements that shape and tell a compelling visual story that differentiates them in the market. Learn which design trends will lead in 2020.

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Briefing Center Blog

Tips to Designing Your Company’s First Ever Briefing Center

In a world where digital has taken over so many of our business interactions and customer touchpoints, the importance of face-to-face interaction supported by technology and interactive content cannot be overstated. Briefing centers offer your customers a highly customized and personalized opportunity to connect with your brand and build a deep understanding of your business and products.

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5 Trends Blog

5 Trends to Create Meaningful Corporate Event Experiences

Individuals are attending half as many conferences as they were 10 years ago. Today, driving event attendance takes some skill: You have to target the right people and strike a balance between useful information, intimate connections, and a touch of fun. Integrating these five corporate event trends into your programs in 2020 will help you create meaningful experiences that drive attendance year after year

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Chicago PR

[ Press: PR Newswire ] - Chicago New Hires

With InVision's growth in the midwest region, we're delighted to announce four recent hires in our Chicago office.

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Siemens Lynn Interview

[Press: Corporate Event News] - The Power of Partnership

InVision Senior Solutions Strategist Lynn Randall was interviewed by Corporate Event News about our partnership with Siemens, and gave her insights on how audience data, communications programs, and personalization strategies can optimize your events.

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How Flexible is Your Event Branding

How Flexible is Your Event Branding? Top Three Tips to Optimize Brand Experience

Remarkable changes are happening in how event branding is evolving to become more effective and impactful. Clear and compelling visual design, threaded throughout the entire event brand experience, helps attendees stay aligned on the messaging goals and business objectives that the brand is communicating, and drives impactful user experience.

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Persona Development and Journey Mapping

Audience-First Planning Creates Impact

To ensure your messaging initiates the desired action and behaviors from your attendees, it's important to shift thinking from the audience as one large monolith group at the receiving end of your content to a dynamic group comprised of several important persons, or personas.

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Blog 5 How Technology is Changing the Events Industry

How Technology Is Evolving the Event Industry

At a time when we’re all working to make our corporate events more immersive, technology is changing the events industry for the better. Here’s how.

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