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Virtualize Everything

By Doug Binder, Sr. Creative Director, InVision Communications

Bringing new products to market has long involved a virtual component – in engineering, design, R&D and more. With so many “markets” in shutdown right now, those products aren’t finding their way to shelves, showrooms and shopping centers. Not that it matters: customers aren’t getting there either.

That’s why virtualization is everything right now and will be probably for a long time. It can give customers a highly detailed experience with your product, without leaving their homes or offices.

Imagine your showroom or briefing center converted entirely to a virtual experience. All of your products rendered virtually, made accessible in a virtual environment. With the addition of a little extra hardware like VR goggles and gloves, customers can “hold” and manipulate your products, try them on, take them apart and put them back together.

The experience is made even more personal with the addition of “live” representatives inside the experiences, offering virtual advice and insights to up the interaction and human factor. Not only does this add to the audience’s overall experiential learning but it adds key insight into the people behind your brand.

InVision’s digital and motion media solutions teams have been doing more and more of this lately, even before the COVID situation. One partner of note is medical instruments technology leader GCX Corporation, who relies on us to digitally bring to life thousands of product lines on their website and in demo videos. Read more about our work with GCX here.

Now that virtualization is everything, we’re ready to ramp up the development cycle and innovate with more rigor, more quickly and with increased efficiency. Virtualization will help to bridge the gap until more places can re-open and welcome customers in person. Of course, virtualization will never go away, so you should consider it as a way to uniquely interact with a larger audience of customers – anytime day or night and anywhere in the world.

To learn more about how your brand can benefit from InVision’s digital and production expertise to drive innovation and audience acquisition for your organization, please reach out!