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Make the B2B buying process easier for your customers—and for you.

“77% of buyers agree that purchasing has become very complex and difficult.”
Source: 2019, Gartner, Marketing-Fueled Buyer Enablement

According to Brent Adamson, Distinguished VP, Advisory, Gartner, “The hardest part of B2B solutions isn’t selling them, but buying them. Today’s buying journey has effectively reached a tipping point where it’s become nearly unnavigable without a significant amount of help.”

At InVision, we know that the key to understanding how to sell solutions is understanding how your customers buy solutions. It’s a complicated process that typically involves six to 10 decision makers, each with different challenges, objectives and budgets. We’ve learned a lot about the buying cycle by designing events and integrated programs for our clients, many of whom are leaders in the tech and health services industries. This experience has taught us how to facilitate the process not just for your customers, but for you as well.

From strategy and creative development to events and campaigns, we take a holistic approach to helping our clients successfully translate engagements into sales.


– Stakeholder alignment
– Audience personas
– Communications and content strategy
– Training and learning design
– Program development and delivery
– Experience and visual design
– Metrics and measurement

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