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Hope on the Horizon

Hope on the Horizon

A Three-Phased Approach to Safely Bringing People Together Again

By Drew Hagen, Chief Culture Officer and Co-Founder of InVision Communications

We’re living in unprecedented times, but I remain optimistic about the future. As communications professionals, we bring people together to celebrate milestones, exchange ideas and make meaningful connections—connections that people need now more than ever.

Since March 2020, InVision has helped clients pivot from face-to-face engagements to digital experiences with a great deal of success. While we’ve adapted and re-imagined how to connect individuals in the virtual space, we know people are still hungry to connect face-to-face. The question on everyone’s mind is this: How can we bring people together again safely?

This question inspired a realistic, transitional solution that can help us gradually move towards face-to-face engagements in the smartest, safest way possible: CLEANevents™.

Created in collaboration with InHouse Physicians and trusted industry partners, CLEANevents is a proactive, phased approach designed to bring people together again safely. This innovative initiative takes a health security-first approach, implementing strict protocols to reduce health risks and anxiety for attendees, presenters and crew along with innovative strategies to deliver up-leveled experiences for audiences, both virtually and face-to-face.

CLEANevents will offer three levels of service, each strictly guided by health security protocols:

1. CLEANteams brings a team of vetted professionals to corporate campuses or other preferred remote location to record content such as presentations or interviews with the capability to broadcast or webcast live. We launched CLEANteams back in May and have since successfully executed several programs for clients using this service. CLEANteams is available now to augment existing programs with up-leveled production capabilities or as a proactive measure for upcoming digital programs.

2. CLEANstudios, launching later this month, will offer even more options and flexibility. These regionally located facilities can provide enhanced production capabilities, customizable environments and accommodations for a limited live audience of fewer than 50 people. We are already working with some clients to create dynamic digital/live hybrid programs for upcoming events.

3. CLEANexperiences, debuting in August, will capture all of the excitement and energy of a live, face-to-face experience in a safe, clean environment. CLEANexperiences will roll out as semi-permanent residencies in key locations, including Las Vegas, with accommodations for live audiences of fewer than 500 people, fully customizable environments, state-of-the-art production capabilities and much more. It’s ideal for important engagements that need to deliver a big impact.

There’s no question the global pandemic has devastated our industry, but I remain optimistic about the future and our ability as events professionals to rise to the challenge. CLEANevents is the right solution for right now—a practical, timely alternative that will help us bring people together again in the safest possible way and revive the industry that we all love so much.

Bringing people together is what we do best at InVision. To learn how to augment your current or future programs with CLEANevents, visit