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Countdown to New Years! CES Goes Digital

Calling all you CES players, planners and producers

Got plans for New Year's Eve? ‘Course not – probably for the first time in years!

CES has gone digital. Most of us won’t be traveling to Las Vegas this year, spending 16-hour days in expo halls, ballrooms and nightclubs, or tweaking scenic, finessing content, and banging through punch lists as long as a Vegas cab line. We might not be together in Vegas, but the show must go on. Audiences are still expecting a world-class, over-the-top, only-at-CES spectacle that celebrates the best of innovation, design and absolute on-brand magic.

InVision is ready to deliver. We’ll help to turn your CES plans digital:

  • Keynote sessions: content, video production, editing
  • Product demos and showcases: VR, 2nd screen, configurators
  • Expo activities: virtual booths & innovation spaces
  • Audience acquisition: incentives, promotions
  • Navigation: PXO, attendee journeys
  • Launches and press events: content, digital event planning
  • Digital communications campaigns: pre, during, and post

CES typically lasts for one week; an all-digital format reimagines how consumers can interact with your brand. Your brand experience can now live on for months, even years. The opportunities are endless!

Let’s ring in CES and 2021 with a whole new digital you! Contact us at to explore how we can help bring your best brand self to digital CES 2021.