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Breaking through the noise

Breaking Through the Noise With Unique Brand Experiences

With companies now going through two or three transformations a year, our clients tell us the same thing: Competing for attention in a noisy world is extremely challenging.

Customers, partners, and employees are bombarded with multiple thousands of messages and distractions every day. It’s a struggle to identify the signal that can break through all that noise to engage a target audience’s attention.

Our media landscape is saturated, hitting people with multiple messages all the time. Whether it’s online, through company news, press and media, advertising, or even hearsay, there are constant distractions all day, every day.

What Is Noise in Marketing, and How Do You Overcome It?

All those disruptions blend together and create noise in the marketing communication process.So much “white noise”makes it arduous to focus on the right message. Worse, it prevents consumers from connecting with a brand that meets their needs.

So how do you break through the noise? With unique brand experiences that offer true value and engagement to an audience whose attention span has decreased from 12 to eight seconds in roughly the past 20 years.

It’s not enough to just communicate: Audiences must engage with the key messaging and information if you want them to retain it, feel ownership over it, and take action on it. Our approach to strategic communication is designed to get audiences to grab, touch, feel, chew on, cheer, comment about, emulate, encourage, retweet, share with a colleague, and get nerd-level excited about. We focus on audience engagement and reach that will move people to action.

Start Developing Unique Brand Experiences

Marketing above the noise ultimately depends on understanding what differentiates you from the competition, then executing your brand faithfully and consistently. If you’re a brand struggling to reach your target audience, hopefully these methods give you an advantage over the 4,000 to 10,000 other messages people are exposed to every day:

  • Gain alignment on your objectives and set expectations.
  • Know your audience and understand their careabouts.
  • Make it personal to create an emotional connection between you and your target audience.
  • Develop a multichannel campaign to deliver your message at the right time and place to the right people.
  • If you have a call to action, make it clear.
  • Execute your brand faithfully and consistently — both visually and verbally — across all platforms and channels.

With unique and compelling strategies behind your messaging campaign, your brand will have both prospective and existing customers homing in on your signal.

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