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#3 of The 5 Universal Desires of an Event Attendee “What I Want” – Optimize My Time

By Jimmy Verrett, Senior Creative Strategist, InVision Communications

Welcome back to “What I Want.” In this five-part series, we’re examining the notion that event attendees share five basic desires or “care-abouts” that are universal across industries, roles and types of events. In our previous article, “Care About What I Care About,” we explored attendees’ desires for relevant content and opportunities for personal growth, and how delivering on these desires drives value for companies. In this installment, we take a look at efficiency, and why optimizing your attendees’ time is so important.

For attendees, there are many different costs associated with going to a corporate event—particularly if the event is out of town or spans several days. Not only are there financial costs but there are personal costs as well: having to hire a dog sitter, finding a substitute for the bowling league team, rescheduling a client meeting, rearranging the kids’ carpools, and knowing that upstart Martha is lunching with the boss.

The personal and professional costs of event attendance are often not considered. InVision believes they should be. More specifically, we believe it’s important to recognize and respect attendees’ commitments outside of the event by making their time spent at the event truly worthwhile.

Make it a seamless, meaningful experience and optimize your attendees’ time on-site with thoughtfully-designed programs, relevant content, ample breaks and valuable opportunities to network and enhance their careers. Attendees will appreciate the consideration and reciprocate with greater brand loyalty.

But there’s more. How do we make wayfinding bullet-proof? How do we ensure the right people are in the right sessions? How can we partner with breakout content developers and presenters to ensure that audiences are getting the information they need in the bite-sized format they desire?

Remember, people have made sacrifices to be at your event. They’re investing their time and energy to participate, so be sure they feel their time is being used wisely. As you shape your event, put yourself in the attendees’ shoes and think about their journey step-by-step. You’ll uncover insights that enable you to design a viable strategy, optimize programming and create experiences that make every minute on-site really count. Time really is money.

In part four of our series, we’ll build upon the idea of optimizing attendees time and take a deep dive into how to deliver greater personal ROI. In the meantime, to learn more about InVision, please contact us at