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Case Study

Biotechnology Company

All together now.


After being repeatedly acquired and sold, a major biotech brand was once again able to operate as an independent company, recapture its entrepreneurial spirit and reestablish its brand in the context of immunotherapy for patients with advanced prostate cancer. Perhaps more importantly, this change presented a positive cultural opportunity for the biotech brand to restore a sense of unity amongst its employees and reignite their commitment. InVision was trusted to create a program that would establish a new corporate culture that would drive growth and sustain employee engagement in light of the company’s new direction.


We designed a sustainable, consistent communications roadmap with multiple touchpoints and robust content that would foster a new corporate culture, restore trust and build community. Leveraging the introduction of new values at their national sales meeting, we took it a step further, creating an integrated all-employee communications platform to bring the corporate values to life across the organization. Building on the success of the meeting, we introduced new channels designed to communicate unified messaging and content to all biotech company site locations, including onsite brand expression (signage, templates and more), a company-wide e-newsletter, peer-nominated “Everyday Heroes” awards, and a new intranet portal with SharePoint functionality and robust content focusing on the company’s corporate culture and employees.


  • Strategy
  • Measurement
  • Communication Plans
  • Content Development
  • Presentation Design
  • Signage Design and Production
  • Digital Communication Plan and Design
  • Website Content Management System
  • Brand Expression
  • Creative Direction
  • Project Management


Through a well-coordinated, integrated deployment of employee-centric content steeped in the biotech brand’s culture, InVision helped the company build a unified community that connected employees to one another—and to the company’s mission to treat advanced prostate cancer patients. As a result, the biotech brand’s employees were able to connect deeply with the company’s values in more relevant, meaningful ways. Peer-nominations continue to fuel content development, motivate and inspire teams, and boost morale and engagement across this once fractured organization. Today, there’s a real community, real commitment and real progress in treating prostate cancer.

Make Unity.