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National Healthcare Brand

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Our National Healthcare Brand client designs easy-to-use, personalized, high-tech solutions to improve their members’ healthcare experience. They’re driving change with a suite of new pilot programs, using human-centric design principles that address long-standing challenges like claims and payments.

The group also needed a way to demonstrate these programs to their diverse and mostly remote workforce to inspire a culture of innovation, change and transformation—and to show how new products are key to sales efforts and attract new members.

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InVision partnered with the company's innovation, marketing and communications teams to design flexible interactive media to enable senior leadership to demonstrate the pilot programs in a variety of formats. Whether at a keynote, fireside chat, one-on-one or a self-guided tour, their message needed to be clear and resonate.

  • We delivered three specific pilot programs around the topics of virtual care, shared decision-making and real-time claims payments.
  • Each pilot included supporting media including patient-centric animations that explained the challenge, video that showcased the solution, interactive slide presentations to distill the user’s experience, and a new mobile app prototype.
  • These interactive, multi-media “stories” illustrated the company's more holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare, while showing the benefits of having a closer connection between healthcare providers, patients, and their families.


  • Creative and Story Development
  • Technology Integration Strategy
  • Animation, Visual and Sound Design
  • Production Planning
  • UX Experience and UI Design for Mobile Applications
  • Presentation Design and Speaker Scripts
  • Mobile App Interactive Models


The pilot digital tools were successful in demonstrating the company's plan for the future of healthcare. The new digital tools have been used by the company’s executives and sales leaders at ongoing speaking engagements and community programs to highlight our client’s innovation and forward-thinking approach to healthcare. Discussions are underway to craft additional digital pilots in support of the company’s strategy.

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