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For their Sales Conference, Veritas was looking for a way to engage and educate their global sales force – to set them up for success in the year ahead. Veritas was seeking solutions to help educate their sales force regarding new data center security and technology updates in an entertaining, interactive and memorable way that would resonate with the sellers in the year ahead.

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For their prior year Sales Conference FY18, Veritas had created a video game experience for its sales force, but it failed to gain adoption with attendees, and it lacked the global appeal that Veritas had hoped for. The client still believed that gamification was the right approach – but it needed a partner to help bring the vision to life in a format and execution that would deliver engagement and results.

InVision got to work developing a customized VR game experience that would educate and entertain the Veritas global sales force for its 2018 SKO. The objectives were clear: the new game needed to overcome language barriers, incorporate a storyline that supports Veritas’ mission to preserve data integrity, integrate technology updates, and appeal to non-gamers and avid gamers alike.

InVision created a cost-effective, fully customized VR experience integrating cutting-edge technologies, including Unity 3D Software, Oculus “Rift” headsets and Oculus “Touch” controllers. This combination created a unique 360-degree gameplay experience that few attendees had ever experienced.

Three game stations were set up in the Veritas Innovation Center where attendees could become a Veritas Data Warrior, “blasting” as much bad data as possible while “preserving” good data flow within the data center servers. For three minutes, attendees were immersed in a fun, 360-degree environment that reinforced Veritas’ mission and core messaging. Leaderboards showcased top players, which added a competitive spin, prompting some players to play the game multiple times.


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  • Production
  • Virtual Reality Game
  • Environmental Design


The Veritas Data Warrior VR game proved to be a big success. For Veritas, the game reinforced the company’s mission to preserve data center integrity, a message that was core for sales efforts in the year ahead. For attendees, the game offered a fun way to experience cutting-edge new technology and learn more about Veritas’ capabilities. The game created plenty of positive buzz and garnered an industry award – Event Marketer’s Experience Design and Technology Silver Award for Best Use of a Single Technology. In light of this success, Veritas asked InVision to explore ways to extend the game for additional events.

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