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Live to Tape: When Leadership Matters Most


Veritas Technologies LLC is a pioneer in the data management and protection space. The annual Veritas Sales Leadership Summit (SLS) serves as an important source of communication and alignment for sales leaders, setting expectations and providing clarity around the strategy and tactics each leader will deploy to create a success plan in FY21. With the tech industry’s rapidly changing landscape, it’s imperative for their teams to use the right messaging and empower their clients with the right solutions.

SLS typically hosts 250 sales leaders from across the globe, each representing a different market within the organization. The traditional face to face event provides sales leadership with a comprehensive snapshot of sales goals in the upcoming year.

Due to the restrictions and uncertainty brought by COVID-19, Veritas couldn’t move forward with their in-person engagement, but still required the program now more than ever to establish a unifying strategy. Moreover, the shelter-in-place mandate made the logistical challenge considerable – how to prepare content, speakers and presentations with everyone in remote locations? With just 4 weeks to plan, Veritas partnered with InVision to help strategize, organize and produce a 3-day virtual alternative to their face-to-face annual event.

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SLS is typically hosted in a ballroom format, making this pivot to virtual an unprecedented change of pace with very little time. “We had to change course so quickly, we needed to bring in partners we knew could deliver” said Jenn Artura, Head of Global Events. With the Veritas teams scattered across multiple geographic locations and time zones, InVision and team worked around the clock to ensure that the program’s speakers and the platform vendor were set up to deliver an impactful live performance.

In the weeks prior to the event, InVision sent speakers a comprehensive presentation toolkit consisting of backdrops, headphones, webcams, and lighting equipment in order to strengthen the at-home production value. We then organized rehearsals and virtual platform training sessions to coordinate the show’s timing queues and progressions—similar to the preparation required of an in-person event.

Simultaneously, our digital teams worked with Head of Global Events, Jenn Artura to create graphic and media assets such as bumpers and interstitials in order to create a more fluid transition between speakers. Veritas's team created additional programming components such as intermissions starring a live DJ, COVID giveback challenges and entertaining video content that drove additional engagement and community with attendees. Partnering with a designated virtual platform engineer allowed us to oversee the implementation of the entire program and execute the show’s operations live.


  • Virtual Event Production
  • Keynote and Presentation Services
  • Content Strategy for Digital
  • Virtual Speaker Preparedness Kits
  • Graphics Support
  • Livestreaming Operations
  • Digital Asset Management


Together, InVision and Veritas were successful in implementing the first virtual Sales Leadership Summit in the program’s history. Although not the event’s traditional format, it proved Veritas’ commitment to the success of their sales teams and clients—staying active at a time when teams needed it most.

The program hosted 220 attendees across multiple continents and raised $55,000 in COVID-19 relief. Veritas’ Head of Global Events, Jenn Artura on our partnership: The program was a great success! I could not have done this without my team from InVision.”

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