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Building momentum in the digital collab space.


Box is well known for its suite of collaboration and file sharing tools; however, the company wanted to raise its profile and be perceived as a platform leader in digital collaboration—not just a tool that people use. Since 2015, we’ve partnered with the Box team on BoxWorks to connect with customers, developers, partners, senior IT leaders and the press and evolve its perception in the marketplace.

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To turn Box into leaders in the digital collaboration space, we needed to up-level the attendee experience from the first touchpoint to the last. We designed customized VR experiences, engaging videos and a live webcast of content and news feed—together these elements energized the crowd and served as platforms to promote everything that Box can do. Our strategy and digital innovation groups developed a proprietary technology solution to deliver a more personalized onsite experience for attendees while capturing valuable data and insights that could be used in real time to enhance the live event or for analysis post-event. BoxWorks Explorer (a private-label version of InVision’s Data Insight Suite™) enabled individuals to create fully personalized and customized attendee journeys.


  • Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Technology and Digital Integration
  • Interactive Branded VR Game
  • Opening Experience
  • Motion Media
  • Live Webcasting
  • Breakout Design
  • Expo Execution


Over the last few years, we’ve been successful in raising awareness of the Box brand beyond its ‘tool’ function. Creating opportunities to share the company philosophy, customer stories and ways to engage with Box and its executives showcased the company in a broader light that inspired confidence and built momentum. BoxWorks Explorer delivered valuable customer data and insights that the BoxTeam is using to design more impactful programs.

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