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Case Study

Large Data Storage Company

An Opportunity to Reimagine


Our cloud storage client specializes in a tech field that is constantly advancing. In order to provide transparency and new product updates, our client looked towards their event portfolio to increase stakeholder engagement. InVision was asked to pivot the majority of their product launch series to virtual in order to expand the reach and accessibility of the year's rollouts. What had typically been a 100% F2F program, was reimagined into a global digital experience.

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First, we worked closely with our client to understand their vision and expectations for the entire portfolio of events. We designed every element with our client’s main event goal in mind—to transcend the online barrier and serve as a successful source of CRM and lead gen for their business.

For each individual program, we developed a launch and communications strategy which included brand and asset design, media and video direction, presenter content and coaching, and livestream execution. Each program had 5+ speakers and was condensed into 25-30-minute chunks in order to optimize for the at-home experience. To encourage community, we selected a platform that allowed for a high degree of interactivity through the use of live polls, specialized breakouts, and social media crowdsourcing.

Managing the global digital experience required intensive technical support and backend production which we executed through a comprehensive stream of rehearsals, environmental design, and platform management.


  • Event Portfolio Planning
  • Digital Event Management
  • Speaker Content Development & Coaching
  • Livestreaming Production
  • Media and Video Design
  • Post-Production Analysis


Our client realized the tremendous benefits of taking their product launch from an in-person live event to a premium digital broadcast production. Pivoting to digital enabled them to significantly grow their audience—and hence broaden the reach of their new product launches. The result was a captivating and truly interactive experience that spanned their global audiences while gathering valuable data and inputs through their virtual channels.

Make It Virtual.