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The Unconference

It’s all about you. No, really, it is.


Every day, people are bombarded by thousands of messages all competing for their attention. The event space is no different. With so many distractions, how can you be sure that you’re heard and understood? How can you engage an audience in a truly meaningful way? By making the experience more personal with relevant content, organic networking opportunities, interactivity, increased intimacy and the freedom to explore and choose their own adventure. Enter, the "unconference."

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InVision has collaborated successfully with many of our clients to design more personalized attendee experiences and event ecosystems. For MobileIron’s Mobile First Conference, we broke with tradition and created an ‘unconference’—an open, campus-style environment where all breakouts, keynotes, training and networking zones coexisted in a communal, yet intimate fashion. Attendees could move seamlessly between activities and presentations of their own choosing, facilitated by ‘silent disco’ headsets.

Similarly, for Genentech’s CMG Development Expo, we created an event that focused on empowering individuals with meaningful content, small group conversations facilitated by Genentech leadership, modern networking lounges and interactive photobooths designed to motivate teams and inspire commitment during a time of transition. This personalized approach made individual attendees feel more in control of their futures—and more excited to be part of Genentech.


  • Creative Direction
  • Experience Design
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Motion Media
  • Training Programs
  • Digital and Interactive Design
  • Tech Integration Content


Over the years, we’ve seen how creating a more personalized attendee experience translates into greater ROI. Participant-driven content, authentic conversations, relevant education and meaningful experiences empower individuals to take control of their future. MobileIron’s Mobile First Conference ('unconference') successfully connected with the tech-savvy, sociable audience; in fact, the program we created was so groundbreaking that it was recognized with an Event Tech Award and a 2016 Ex Award. The participant-driven style CMG expo we designed for Genentech was very popular with attendees-- and so successful in achieving its goals that we've been asked to create more employee engagement programs for the client.

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