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GCX Corporation is the worldwide leader in medical instrument and IT mounting solutions for the healthcare industry. Providing both off-the-shelf and fully customized products, GCX needed a way to display its extensive catalogue—efficiently and effectively. Traditional photography proved to be too expensive and inconsistent, and it couldn’t fully communicate the full capabilities of the devices. GCX realized they needed a more dynamic solution to visualize its vast product line that could be used online, at trade shows and elsewhere, so they turned to InVision.

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InVision’s Motion Media Animation team collaborated with GCX to use the CAD files developed for their manufacturing process to craft high-resolution digital renderings of their products. Applying specialized materials, innovative lighting effects and an advanced 3D rendering process, we developed an incredible library of detailed product visualization images for GCX’s online catalog. In addition to product images, we’ve also created engaging “How To” and “Product Showcase” video animations to drive additional growth via trade shows, live demos and web traffic.


  • High-Resolution Still Image Renderings
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Product and How To Videos
  • Interactive


InVision’s sleek, high-resolution digital and motion solutions enabled GCX to offer extensive top quality product renderings across their ecosystem and key marketing channels, efficiently and affordably. These solutions also allowed the company to showcase the breadth and depth of their product line in tremendous detail—an essential factor in driving their product development and fueling long-term business growth. For more than a decade, this collaborative relationship has yielded innovative solutions that appeal to core clients and new customers alike. The longevity of our relationship speaks volumes about the critical services we continue to offer GCX—and the patients and caregivers they serve.

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