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Making the invisible, visible.


DuPont materials make other products possible—everything from utilitarian objects to experimental prototypes. To inspire everyone from investors and partners to engineers, product designers and students, DuPont needed a cutting-edge way to bring their products to life in their new Silicon Valley Innovation Center as well as the Bay Area HQ of COSMO, a prototyping and manufacturing company.

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To make the invisible visible, our creative, digital and technology teams collaborated closely with DuPont engineers, heads of innovation and business unit leaders to design and deliver a solution that met all visitors’ needs. We married tech and content for unique digital/physical experiences that could demonstrate real-world context for DuPont’s products, and translated complex stories into easily consumable, interesting formats that enabled users to explore what interested them most.

At the Innovation Center, we created six custom touch tables featuring 3D and “exploded” product visualizations, interactive demonstrations, and tactile experiences in an engaging choose-your-own-adventure format.

The installation we designed for COSMO featured a RFID activated table that told the ‘story’ of DuPont’s materials when an object was placed upon the surface. This interactive, tactile experience gave visitors an inside look at the benefits and properties of DuPont materials.


  • Digital R&D
  • Interactive Design and Demos
  • Custom Touchscreen Builds
  • Content Development and Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Interactive AR/VR Experience Design
  • Motion Media
  • App Development and Design
  • Prototyping


These innovative, interactive experiences made the invisible visible for people visiting the Innovation Center and COSMO’s HQ. The launch of the Innovation Center attracted more than 300 people who eagerly played with the tables, enhancing their understanding of DuPont and its products. The installation continues to educate visitors and will be adapted for multiple purposes in other locations. The COSMO installation has successfully translated the functionality of DuPont’s materials to product designers working on the latest cutting-edge technology solutions. DuPont has asked InVision to collaborate on developing new installations and programs for additional locations.

Make It Real.