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Making the invisible, visible.

The Challenge

DuPont Innovation Centers exist throughout the world; designed for their engineers, customers and strategic partners to collaborate and generate new solutions. Since 2010, eleven Innovation Centers have provided environments for solving local problems and industry needs through open innovation and development. In September 2018, The Silicon Valley Innovation Center opened, co-located with the DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center to proclaim their presence in the world’s most famous tech hub.

Services Provided

  • Interactive Development and Demos
  • Touchscreen Kiosk Build
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Direction

The Solution

Many of DuPont’s products seem invisible to the ordinary person, because their products exist as a way to make other products possible. Because of this, they were looking for both physical and digital demonstrations for how their products work, while needing to educate a range of visitors from students, partners and engineers. We were tasked with communicating the breadth of information in a simple, state-of-the-art manner.

We conceived and developed six custom touch tables, with each table demonstrating both macro and micro views of a product. As users determined what they wanted to learn, they could explore various aspects of the product in as little or as much detail desired.

Make It Real.

The Results

The launch of the Innovation Center was a tremendous success, with over 300 people attending the event. The touch tables we created informed, engaged and motivated visitors to learn. As attendees continue to visit the Innovation Center into the future, we’re eager to hear how the information presented generates new ideas and solutions.