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From face-to-face to virtual in 72 hours.


2019 was a big year for DocuSign, and the company was excited to share its success and vision for FY21 with roughly 1800 employees, and 1100 customers and partners at its GKO (Global Sales Kickoff) and Momentum conferences on March 2-4, in San Francisco.

GKO was designed to motivate and equip the field for DocuSign’s new multi-product agreement cloud—teams would learn about the strategy for FY21, receive valuable sales tools and content to drive business and learn how to apply their knowledge in the field.

Momentum is DocuSign’s premier customer conference where leading organizations learn how to do business faster and smarter—by using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to automate and connect their agreement processes. Here, customers and partners would discover DocuSign’s new suite of services, learn how to drive sales and increase their business results.

Content was ready to go, the stage was practically set, and teams were about to travel to San Francisco. And then news headlines about COVID-19 (coronavirus) locally and around the world started to intensify.

The Mayor of San Francisco declared a state of emergency, and DocuSign was facing a difficult decision: how to proceed with an event less than one week away? Cancelling their biggest event of the year was not an option in anyone’s mind and DocuSign’s executive team made the decision to go virtual instead.

As a company whose ethos is grounded in being agile, flexible and transformative, it was important to the DocuSign leadership team to pivot in the face of coronavirus. The safety and well-being of its employees, customers and partners was of utmost importance, so instead of the conferences being 98% live and 2% virtual, they would evolve into a hybrid of 98% virtual and 2% live.

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To transform its entire event into a livestream, DocuSign needed a partner who was equally agile, flexible and transformative, and InVision stepped up. The team reimagined a program that would effectively achieve DocuSign’s business objectives for both GKO and Momentum virtually.

By closely collaborating with team DocuSign, InVision’s creative, production and account management teams thoughtfully designed and executed a new program that would engage a virtual audience and effectively communicate its vision for the future in just 72 hours.

InVision built out a broadcast studio, complete with multiple screens and dynamic graphics, in order to create a sophisticated livestream that brought together virtual audiences with live presenters. Multiple cameras and state-of-the-art switching technology created a seamless program that highlighted the conversations, insights and connections that are trademarks of the event.


  • Technical Strategy
  • Technical Design
  • Consultation
  • Environmental Design
  • Agenda Planning
  • Full Graphic Support
  • Broadcast & Livestream Solutions
  • Video Content


Together, InVision and DocuSign reimagined and executed an entire virtual program in just 72 hours. Over 6,000 people were able to virtually participate in the combined Global Kickoff and Momentum programs.

The trust and partnership between our teams was integral to the successful outcome of GKO and Momentum programs. In the words of Jeanne Robb, DocuSign VP, Strategic Events: “I couldn't imagine doing this with a better partner. Not our vendor, but our partner and trusted advisor. I knew that my team could focus on the content because we had a partner that had our back.”

The company’s decision to go virtual deeply reflects its core values and commitment to its people. DocuSign’s COO Scott Olrich had this to say: “The response that we've gotten from our customers, from our partners, from our employees and even our investors for moving from a physical event to a virtual event has been resounding … they've applauded us for taking a physical event and making it virtual within 72 hours, while still delivering the quality that they all expect from us.”

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