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Arm is the world’s leading designer of semiconductor technologies used in 95% of the world’s smartphones and countless other devices. At TechCon each year, the company looks to educate and inspire its core ecosystem (engineers, developers, architects, product designers and executives) with the latest advances in technology, leveraging arm's world-class innovations. This year was no exception; however, the expectations were even higher since it was the 15th anniversary of arm TechCon.

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InVision had successfully partnered with arm on production of TechCon in the past. Because they were impressed with our show execution and our approach to strategy and creative, arm trusted us to bring their brand to life at their 15th TechCon. It was critical for the 2019 program to be executed seamlessly, with greater integration, stronger brand expression and more opportunities to engage key attendees. We were excited to drive a holistic set of solutions for TechCon—and looked forward to the synergies that could be realized by combining creative, communications and event production all under one roof.

To kick off the program, we hosted the arm team in a visioning workshop to dig deep into their goals for the event. We used these insights to design a comprehensive event communications strategy and plan which included creating an event mobile app to drive attendance and engagement before, during and after the event. To visually bring the show to life, our creative and design teams collaborated closely with arm's creative and design leads to develop solutions for how the brand would be expressed across the venue. To inform the on-site and digital execution of the brand, we crafted a comprehensive Brand Event Playbook, including color palette, typography, visual elements and more—ensuring consistency and quality across executions. InVision led design across all major attendee touchpoints including wrapped columns, banners, multiple large-scale LED monitors, color blocked windows, a branded registration station, branded Expo Center Theater LED, and more.


  • Communications Strategy and Planning
  • Design and Creative Strategy
  • Event Brand Identity and Systems
  • Presentation Template
  • Digital and Interactive Design
  • Brand Activations and Experiences
  • Environmental, Expo and Onsite Design
  • Mobile App Communications Plan


Arm TechCon gave over 3,500 attendees the opportunity to experience its innovative technology and understand its reach across the broader tech ecosystem. We up-leveled the brand experience with a clean, sophisticated and approachable design approach that was consistently delivered across the program. InVision’s communication strategy and execution was critical in driving attendance and enhancing the attendee experience at the event. The result was a holistic conference experience that engaged core arm constituents by "threading the brand" from beginning to end in a thought-provoking, educational way that enhanced attendees understanding of arm’s innovations and its impact on the broader technology industry

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