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Case Study


Creating data people paradise.


Tableau caters to data people—they’re smart, they’re hungry to learn and they’re eager to connect with each other. Tableau needed to up-level its conference without dumbing-down the content. And it needed to bring data visualization to life in a fun, immersive way.

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We crafted an interactive, inspiring experience—an environment in which attendees could learn, collaborate and network to their hearts’ content. The event featured 400 sessions of all levels and topics over the course of three days, including keynotes, breakouts, hands-on training sessions, certifications and community-building activities. Presentations by myth-buster Adam Savage, live game shows (Iron Viz inspired by Iron Chef), playful expo spaces and networking zones were curated specifically for the data people, creating a nerdy paradise that would strengthen the bond between the brand and its audience.


  • Digital Design and Production
  • Motion Media
  • Environmental Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Technical Direction
  • Content Development
  • Instructional Design


With more than 14,000 data enthusiasts in attendance, Tableau proved it is the leader in data visualization. Over the years, we’ve seen attendance at the show increase steadily as more data devotees gather to connect with peers and celebrate the data revolution.

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