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Healthcare Company

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In order to maintain its position as market leader, a leading biotech client needed a radical change in its approach to the challenges it was facing: a consolidating customer base, new buyers and expanding competitor portfolios. As a response, the company launched its initiative to unify the sales force around new market solutions; however, the changes were adding confusion to an already complicated process. Employees were frustrated and growing increasingly worried about the future. The client realized that it needed a change management strategy to help its employees—and the company—successfully transition to a more unified, customer-focused organization.


InVision understood that to be successful, our client needed to engage and empower its management and sales teams so that they became the drivers of change rather than the change being mandated from the top. We developed a comprehensive change management strategy and communications campaign to support their over-arching theme and initiative. Designed to build momentum and garner internal support over time, the carefully cadenced phases each had specific objectives and tactics which would be measured for effectiveness via quarterly benchmark surveys. Leading up to the National Sales Meeting (NSM), employees received communications and materials that helped to clarify the new organizational framework, market solutions and positioning. The campaign would prepare the team for the NSM, strengthen sales, and quell concerns about the future. Afterwards, the campaign would continue to build on the momentum established by the NSM to align their business objectives, unify the team, reinforce messaging and drive sales for new solutions.


  • Strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Content Development


Based on the results of benchmarking surveys over the course of the campaign, we learned that the client needed to do more to achieve its desired objectives. Employees were still anxious about changes—they needed to better understand their roles, they wanted access to more information, and they wanted to hear more from their managers. InVision made further strategic recommendations to help leadership refine and modify the campaign messaging and tactics to succeed, including increasing awareness of the communications portal, adding more employee-focused success stories, and encouraging more 1:1 meetings between managers and direct reports.

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