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Case Study


Leveling up an esports activation.


With its champion-making lineup, Alienware has always been a favorite of pros and fans in the gaming community. Alienware was going to be featured prominently at the Village Expo at Dell Technology World (DTW) 2019 in Las Vegas, and the company needed to make a big impression at this premier tech event.

Alienware wanted a large-scale, product-driven e-sports activation that would serve as a central hub for DTW for four consecutive days and entertain a diverse audience of over 15,000 people with varying levels of gaming experience.

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We understood that this activation needed to be authentic to the brand ethos in order to establish meaningful connections between the Alienware brand and attendees, which included Dell executives, tech people, influencers, media and fans. InVision collaborated with the Dell and Alienware teams to design and execute an up-leveled experience for everyone from total newbies to hardcore daily streamers.

To showcase the immense capabilities of Alienware and create ample buzz, we built a supercharged Alienware e-sports arena with spectator seating for 50, eight state-of-the-art gaming stations, pro gamer competitions, live emcees and shoutcasters, robust programming for livestreaming (over 36 hours of live content!), an Alienware tips-n-tricks academy, a merch zone and free hands-on play for attendees.


  • Esports Programming and Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Expression
  • Immersive Experience Design
  • Event Management and Production
  • Entertainment
  • Merchandising
  • Interactive Gaming Experience
  • Livestreaming


The Alienware activation was a resounding success—it built buzz while building community, creating meaningful interactions both IRL at the expo and online. While the activation drew non-stop traffic over the course of the event (attended by more than 15,000), it reached thousands more in the e-sports universe worldwide via livestreamed content. Photo opportunities with pro gamers and images of all the action in the arena blew up social media, igniting interest in Alienware’s full spectrum of gear - well beyond the event itself.

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