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Case Study

Biotechnology Company/PixMob

Making the patient experience personal.


This client is an innovative global biotech leader, a beacon of hope for patients and their families. For the company to be successful in its mission to make a difference, our client had to connect in a real and meaningful way with its employees and partners. Our client entrusted InVision to design an opening experience that would emotionally resonate with each attendee at its NFM (National Field Meeting) and motivate them to continue to work hard to make a difference.

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InVision married storytelling, data visualization and digital wearables to connect attendees to their personal mission and the patients they serve in a deeply moving, fully immersive way. We put the spotlight on the patients themselves—illustrating how their lives have been touched by this company's employees. As statistics appeared on large LED screens, digital PixMob bracelets worn by attendees lit up to mirror the data, demonstrating the patient experience in a very tangible way.


  • Experience Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Storytelling
  • Technical and Digital Integration
  • Interactive Content
  • Motion Media
  • Data Visualization


The impact of the opening experience was palpable—attendees were literally moved to tears. Every person in the audience of 4,000 felt a personal connection to our client’s mission, and understood how they made a difference in the lives of patients and their families. Despite having designed and executed countless opening experiences, this one is uniquely powerful and one of our favorites. It earned a Telly Award for excellence.

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