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Creating a foundation for culture change.


An incoming American Express (Amex) executive was charged with initiating a customer-centric culture that aligned with the company’s Changing the World at Work campaign. This task wouldn’t be easy, particularly in light of weak corporate performance, anxiety about layoffs and low employee morale. The gap between leadership’s desire to promote customer centricity and employees’ disengagement would make success challenging—it was critical to get everyone aligned with shared goals and expectations. For Amex to successfully move toward a customer-centric culture, it first had to find a way to empower and engage its employees. It was up to InVision to create the foundation for a successful culture change.


InVision created a months-long communications plan designed to roll out the Changing the World at Work campaign; however, this plan was disrupted by a round of significant layoffs. In response, we proactively shifted the campaign to embrace Amex’s evolving organization, foster employee engagement, encourage open communication amongst the team, and set a foundation for positive change. Executed over several months, the campaign included Town Hall meetings to establish a dialogue between leadership and employees; leader engagement activities to foster an environment of cooperation versus competition; informal face-to-face interactions with the division president; and a suite of communications to roll out the Changing the World at Work campaign.

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  • Communication Plans
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  • Project Management


In spite of the volatility within the organization, InVision was able to leverage a strategic communications approach and deploy interim programs to stabilize and improve relationships within Amex ahead of launching the Changing the World at Work campaign. Through a campaign of well-orchestrated activations and communications that fostered employee engagement and transparency, we created a foundation for future communications toward creating the customer-centric environment that Amex desired for its organization.

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