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Case Study


Reconnecting during times of change.


The Kubota brand is built on a culture of trust and respect, so when the company relocated its HQ from California to Texas, relationships between management, employees and partners were deeply damaged. Many people lost their jobs, partners didn’t feel supported, and there was intense anxiety about the future. The company needed to restore confidence, repair relationships and reinforce commitment all while hitting sales targets via ongoing education and marketing support.

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We had to rebuild trust during a challenging, make-or-break time for Kubota. We understood that meaningful change could not happen overnight, so we designed a program that unfolded over several months, culminating with the National Dealer Meeting. To reduce anxiety and rebuild trust, we tapped into Kubota’s core values of family and partnership. We branded the event “CONNECT” which reinforced Kubota’s values and served as a call to action for attendees and executives. By emphasizing transparency, communication and team building, Kubota CONNECT could create positive cultural change, repair relationships and increase sales.


  • Strategy
  • Visioning Sessions
  • Communications Planning
  • Measurement
  • Digital and Tech Integration
  • Gamification
  • Experience Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Expression
  • Training and Instructional Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Community Building


Over the course of the program, surveys showed that people felt more connected to the Kubota brand and to each other. Management demonstrated its commitment to its employees and partners. People felt heard, understood and appreciated, and anxieties were alleviated because executives were transparent and accessible. As a result, the company had begun to rebuilt trust and restore its reputation.

Make Commitment.