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Achievers soar even higher.

The Challenge

Achievers is one of Amway's most important programs of the year, drawing high-performing Amway qualifiers from across North America for several days of business meetings, community-building and celebration. Year after year, this program must inspire and motivate Amway's independent business owners to reach higher than the year before. Since 2014, Amway has entrusted us to design and execute Achievers, creating memorable experiences that build strong emotional connections to the brand while growing sales, boosting pride and increasing retention.

Services Provided

  • Technical Direction and Design
  • Event Management and Execution
  • Speakers and Original Entertainment
  • Video and Media
  • Stakeholder Engagement

The Solution

The 2017 Amway Achievers event was held in San Diego, not far from the air force base at Miramar. This exciting location inspired our theme, Soar. We designed the Soar experience to be truly uplifting, recognizing each and every person as a valued member of the organization—reinforcing their commitment to Amway and revitalizing their drive for personal success. Soar brought the Golden Age of Aviation to life in a fun, immersive way from beginning to end.

Leading up to the lavish Recognition Gala celebrating high-achieving guests and building excitement for the year ahead, attendees took to the sky by way of an immersive thematic experience. Our flight attendants greeted attendees and led them to an exuberant arrivals walk-in sequence featuring animated arrivals screens detailing the actual airports attendees had flown in from, travel posters highlighting past Amway Achievers locations and more. Then, as the lights lowered, the screens came to life with a first-person perspective departure down the runway and into the sky, seamlessly transitioning to a custom Soar-themed live song and dance number that had the audience on their feet. With the conference officially underway, attendees were free to roam about the cabin and enjoy amenities such as first-class lounges, flight-themed social sharing installations and more.

Make Believers.

The Results

By all accounts, Soar was a high-flying success. Attendees surveyed responded that this was "the best year yet," and that they were prouder than ever to be part of the Amway family. After spending time amongst their peers and being celebrated by executives, their belief in the company—and more importantly in themselves—was validated and renewed.