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Dell Technologies GPS Wins Best General Session Experience

We are so excited to win Event Marketer’s Hidden Gem Awards’ Best General Session Experience for our work with our Dell Technologies partner at the Global Partner Summit session during Dell Technologies World. A lot of detail went into the planning and execution of the entire experience. From the stunning graphics to the beautifully orchestrated music and sounds designed by our team, it was a truly unforgettable general session.

Dell Technologies’ Global Partner Summit takes place during Dell Technologies World and it includes partner-specific sessions, including breakouts and interactive labs that can earn partners technical certifications to advance their IT skills and knowledge. It also includes a much-anticipated two-hour general session that this year proved how powerful a well-produced walk-in experience can be. The theme “ROAR” tied into a partner award trip location to be announced during the session. Attendees first entered a soundscape walk-in experience that included strong, moving imagery and upbeat cinematic music, all depicting scenes and nature visuals from Sin City to the African Savannahs on a 120-foot-wide screen. Soon, the music faded and a solo singer appeared on stage, shouting the first words of the “Circle of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King.” A choir then joined him on stage, and they continued the iconic song together. The music then transitioned into pop-singer Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Later, to announce the location of the partners’ award, the “President’s Circle,” which is a trip for the top salespeople, Dell created a Roar-O-Meter that encouraged the audience to cheer and applaud louder and louder until at the peak moment, the South African destination was revealed. Cue the slow clap.