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CEMA Summit: Agency CEO Roundtable Insights

Every year, CEMA Summit brings together marketing and event leaders for an inspiring, fun-filled few days to share best practices, network, and learn. This year, InVision’s CEO, Rod Mickels, moderated an inspiring and thought-provoking roundtable conversation with fellow agency leaders to discuss salient topics impacting the events space at this time. Here are a few highlights and observations from their conversations.

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5 Trends Blog

5 Trends to Create Meaningful Corporate Event Experiences

Individuals are attending half as many conferences as they were 10 years ago. Today, driving event attendance takes some skill: You have to target the right people and strike a balance between useful information, intimate connections, and a touch of fun. Integrating these five corporate event trends into your programs in 2020 will help you create meaningful experiences that drive attendance year after year

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