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How Flexible is Your Event Branding

How Flexible is Your Event Branding? Top Three Tips to Optimize Brand Experience

Remarkable changes are happening in how event branding is evolving to become more effective and impactful. Clear and compelling visual design, threaded throughout the entire event brand experience, helps attendees stay aligned on the messaging goals and business objectives that the brand is communicating, and drives impactful user experience.

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Persona Development and Journey Mapping

Audience-First Planning Creates Impact

To ensure your messaging initiates the desired action and behaviors from your attendees, it's important to shift thinking from the audience as one large monolith group at the receiving end of your content to a dynamic group comprised of several important persons, or personas.

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Part Two: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

In the second part of our "Exit Through the Gift Shop" series, we take a look at theme parks' navigational design intended to surprise and delight their guests, and how we can apply that same "magic" into a corporate event's audience journey.

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Part One: "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

A key challenge marketers often face is how to craft experiences that immediately bring attendees into the fold of the brand’s magic, confirming for guests that their time (and money) are well spent. In this first (of a 3-part) blog series, we explore theme park designs that offer tips on how to make an immediate impact by engaging audiences quickly—before and right as they arrive on site.

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Personalizing the Attendee Journey with Diversity and Inclusion

The path to a more diverse and inclusive event is the epitome of an intentionally crafted event design that can reap major benefits. It puts audience-centricity at the core of each factor in play – experience and content design, set-up, seating, communications and event staffing, to name a few.

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Knowing How to Measure Experiential Marketing Amplifies Event ROI

Experiential marketing can be extremely valuable for brands, but you can’t fully understand it without knowing how to measure success. Here’s how to do that.

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The 3 D's of B2B Interactive Marketing: How to Practice Digital Empathy

B2B interactive marketing is a level up on traditional content marketing. It's a marketing and communications strategy that responds to the way audiences absorb and generate content by putting the premium on audience input. This allows brands to tell relevant stories that truly engage their audiences.

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Refresh Your User Conference as a True Brand Experience

Refresh Your User Conference as a True Brand Experience

If you’re looking to elevate your next conference to a higher level of engagement and brand experience—worthy of your place in the market and vision for growth—consider the following...

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Creating Micro-Moments with Content to Increase Brand Engagement

When InVision identifies personas for B2B client programs, we look at the characteristics of a typical audience member – those with similar professional backgrounds and roles, and then uncover the distinctions that differentiate a persona from other audience members. Our goal is to create a communications strategy grounded in a nuanced picture of our audiences so we can better personalize and humanize the conversation.

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