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Virtual Meeting

When Meeting Face-to-Face Isn’t in the Cards

So, what do companies and attendees do when faced with the prospect of a canceled in-person meeting or event? How do organizations facilitate and drive community and a sense of connection amongst their audiences virtually? With over 30 years in events management and events marketing, we have a few strategies to share.

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Blog 5 How Technology is Changing the Events Industry

How Technology Is Evolving the Event Industry

At a time when we’re all working to make our corporate events more immersive, technology is changing the events industry for the better. Here’s how.

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Product Viz

How to Spend Less and Innovate More

In every vertical in every corner of the globe, product innovation is critical to your organization’s survival. In fact, failure to stay ahead of consumer demands and weather changes in the marketplace puts companies at risk. Product innovation guarantees survival; it allows companies to penetrate new markets, secure new customers, retain existing customers, boost profits and expand reach.

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