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How to Transform Corporate Events Into Catalysts for Change

As events move to digital, it's more important than ever to create personalized journeys with multiple touchpoints if you want to change an audience’s behavior or mindset in the long term.

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How to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Inclusive

[ Trade Show News Network ] How to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Inclusive

Whether it's a live or digital event, it's a common misstep for event planners to create an experience for attendees who make up the majority. How can you design a more inclusive event that considers all diverse needs and backgrounds?

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Personalizing the Attendee Journey with Diversity and Inclusion

The path to a more diverse and inclusive event is the epitome of an intentionally crafted event design that can reap major benefits. It puts audience-centricity at the core of each factor in play – experience and content design, set-up, seating, communications and event staffing, to name a few.

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Hyper-personalizing Your Communications Strategy

Personalized moments make us feel good, and facilitate a positive brand experience that inspires loyalty. But that’s all these moments do. They can’t analyze specific behaviors or communication preferences, or more importantly, predict future patterns—hyper-personalized experiences can.

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Creating Micro-Moments with Content to Increase Brand Engagement

When InVision identifies personas for B2B client programs, we look at the characteristics of a typical audience member – those with similar professional backgrounds and roles, and then uncover the distinctions that differentiate a persona from other audience members. Our goal is to create a communications strategy grounded in a nuanced picture of our audiences so we can better personalize and humanize the conversation.

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