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Virtualize Everything 01

Virtualize Everything

Imagine your executive briefing center or showroom completely virtualized for anyone to experience at anytime. With virtualization on the rise, especially with more people working from home, we can give customers an interactive and digital experience that lets them engage with your product, without leaving home.

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When Everyone is Home by Ce Zanne Albright

When Everyone is Home, Will Everyone Watch?

As we pivot live events to a virtual solution, the mechanics (i.e. selecting a platform, etc.) in how we deliver a client's message may vary. Nevertheless, the strategy behind the creation and delivery of the messages is rooted in one source – the audience. With the majority of the viewing audience working from home, distractions can creep in and the audience might not necessarily be a captive one. So, how do we keep them engaged? CeZanne Albright shares some best practices.

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A Time of Uncertainty Blog 01

A Time of Uncertainty: Employee Communication Planning during COVID-19

During a time of uncertainty, more communication and connectedness is required, not less. With an abundance of confusion around what’s next, employees need support beyond logistical and tactical updates. At InVision, we recommend our clients build out an employee engagement plan that focuses on three key areas: compassion, motivation, and connection.

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Two Hours of Magic Web

“Two Hours of Magic”: Pivoting from a live experience to virtual/digital? Here are a few things to consider.

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly upset the event industry—both B2B and B2C. While some events are being canceled, others are pivoting to virtual/digital experiences in an effort to maintain momentum and support important corporate initiatives.

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Recognition Events

Designing an Effective Recognition Event (Recognition Series #3)

What differentiates meaningful, results-oriented employee recognition events from their fun, but flawed, counterparts? InVision's team of creative and strategic thinkers have mastered the kind of recognition events that indeed entertain their audiences, but also inspire and motivate, recognize and retain them.

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Sales Recognition

Sales Recognition Best Practices (Recognition Series #2)

How do you ensure your sales incentive programs are not just recognizing good behavior but driving it? Read on to learn how accessibility, exclusivity, and other pillars of successful sales recognition programs combine to motivate a best-in-class sales team and, in so doing, better your bottom line.

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Virtual Meeting

When Meeting Face-to-Face Isn’t in the Cards

So, what do companies and attendees do when faced with the prospect of a canceled in-person meeting or event? How do organizations facilitate and drive community and a sense of connection amongst their audiences virtually? With over 30 years in events management and events marketing, we have a few strategies to share.

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Employee Recognition Hero

Boost Employee Engagement: Building a Strategic Recognition Program (Recognition Series #1)

How do you design an employee recognition program that will honor, retain, and engage top performers, while also inspiring an increase in desirable behaviors from employees company-wide? It's a heavy lift. But it's an achievable one, when you apply the these best practices.

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Briefing Center Blog

Tips to Designing Your Company’s First Ever Briefing Center

In a world where digital has taken over so many of our business interactions and customer touchpoints, the importance of face-to-face interaction supported by technology and interactive content cannot be overstated. Briefing centers offer your customers a highly customized and personalized opportunity to connect with your brand and build a deep understanding of your business and products.

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