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How to Transform Corporate Events Into Catalysts for Change

As events move to digital, it's more important than ever to create personalized journeys with multiple touchpoints if you want to change an audience’s behavior or mindset in the long term.

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DNC RNC VM As Blog Post

The World’s Biggest Stages Go Virtual: 10 Observations from the RNC/DNC/VMA

How do you reproduce the live, arena-style rituals of amped-up patriotism and musical mind-benders in a pandemic? And what can the events business learn from it? InVision Senior Creative Director Doug Binder takes us through 10 validations and revelations after observing high-profile events.

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CES Blog Post

Countdown to New Years! CES Goes Digital

CES has gone digital. We might not be together in Vegas, but the show must go on. Audiences are still expecting a world-class, over-the-top, only-at-CES spectacle that celebrates the best of innovation, design and absolute on-brand magic.

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Virtual Communities

Communities Gone Virtual – What We Can Learn from Reality TV

How do you drive lasting engagement beyond the time of your digital experience? A virtual community can go a long way to foster connectivity and build engagement over time. InVision’s Associate Creative Director/Strategist Lauren Rice offers five best practices.

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Themed entertainment

Themed Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual: What Can We Learn?

How is the themed entertainment industry adapting to virtual? As an industry that also heavily relies on large in-person gatherings, we explored how amusement parks, escape games, haunted attractions, and festivals are creating imaginative digital experiences that engage and entertain their fanbase — giving us inspiration on how to design our own digital events.

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Digi Live blog image

DigiLive: The Best of Both Worlds

DigiLive takes advantage of the “best of both worlds” to achieve an optimal mix of audience reach and brand affinity. Digital excels in driving reach and audience acquisition across a broader footprint; attendance for digital programs can easily cross geographical borders that often limit travel to in-person gatherings.

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How to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Inclusive

[ Trade Show News Network ] How to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Inclusive

Whether it's a live or digital event, it's a common misstep for event planners to create an experience for attendees who make up the majority. How can you design a more inclusive event that considers all diverse needs and backgrounds?

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Virtual Event Branding 01

An Opportunity in Digital: A Guide to Virtual Event Branding

Digital experiences are transforming how our industry thinks about event branding & strategy. They're providing a new opportunity to sharpen our messaging and deliver a more intimate and customized #brand experience. IVC’s VP of Design, Jonathan Brown, weighs in on its impact and our strategic thinking behind the scenes.

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4 Key Strategies Marketing Tech Eileen

[ MarketingTech! News ] Four key strategies to create successful immersive meetings

Even though in-person events have moved to digital, we can still create hyper-personalized and immersive experiences that engage audiences. InVision’s Eileen Krepps Page, VP Digital Solutions, offers four key strategies to MarketingTech! News on how to effectively use the right technology to create successful immersive digital meetings.

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