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Virtual Event Branding 01

An Opportunity in Digital: A Guide to Virtual Event Branding

Digital experiences are transforming how our industry thinks about event branding & strategy. They're providing a new opportunity to sharpen our messaging and deliver a more intimate and customized #brand experience. IVC’s VP of Design, Jonathan Brown, weighs in on its impact and our strategic thinking behind the scenes.

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4 Key Strategies Marketing Tech Eileen

[ MarketingTech! News ] Four key strategies to create successful immersive meetings

Even though in-person events have moved to digital, we can still create hyper-personalized and immersive experiences that engage audiences. InVision’s Eileen Krepps Page, VP Digital Solutions, offers four key strategies to MarketingTech! News on how to effectively use the right technology to create successful immersive digital meetings.

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EM Veritas and IVC Interview

[ Event Marketer ] How Veritas Leaned on Speaker Prep and the Unexpected for Virtual Sales Meeting

InVision and our client Jenn Artura recently spoke with Event Marketer on how Veritas Technologies LLC partnered with InVision to successfully pivot their global sales meeting to digital while still infusing the high level of energy and engagement that they were accustomed to from their face-to-face event.

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Hope on the Horizon

Hope on the Horizon

The question on everyone’s mind is this: How can we bring people together again safely? This question inspired a realistic, transitional solution that can help us gradually move towards face-to-face engagements in the smartest, safest way possible: CLEANevents™.

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QA with IVC Business View

[ Business View Magazine ] Q&A with InVision Communications

Our SVP of Creative Design and Marketing Jill Tanner recently sat down with Business View Publishing to discuss the importance of being proactive and evolving during this health crisis.

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Virtualize Everything 01

Virtualize Everything

Imagine your executive briefing center or showroom completely virtualized for anyone to experience at anytime. With virtualization on the rise, especially with more people working from home, we can give customers an interactive and digital experience that lets them engage with your product, without leaving home.

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How to Keep Employees Engaged

[ CEOWORLD ] How to Keep Employees Engaged Right Now

With many employees entering into their fourth month working from home, it can be challenging to keep employees engaged and inspired. InVision CEO Rod Mickels shares his best practices with CEOWORLD magazine on how to use clear messaging and empathy to focus on what matters most to your organization at this time.

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Tech Round Up Hero Image

Virtual Events Round-Up: Drawing Inspiration

With the "new normal" in place for the foreseeable future, event professionals have been quick to adapt and reimagine their programs into digital transformations. We continue to be inspired by our community for their resolve as we all strive to provide experiences that connect with audiences through unprecedented times. Here are a few exemplary ways our peers have been pivoting.

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Maximize learning

[ Corporate Event News ] Maximizing Learning When Your Event Goes Virtual

What happens to experiential learning when your event goes virtual? InVision's Nicole Bojic, SVP of Strategy Solutions, shares tips organizers can use to adapt.

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