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[ Special Events ] How to Transform Your Corporate Event Into a Compelling Visual Story

While our return to F2F events is on the horizon, InVision’s Jonathan Brown, VP Design, offers valuable insights for how to turn your corporate event’s brand and messaging into a compelling visual story—much of which still holds true when hosting your event online.

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How Flexible is Your Event Branding

How Flexible is Your Event Branding? Top Three Tips to Optimize Brand Experience

Remarkable changes are happening in how event branding is evolving to become more effective and impactful. Clear and compelling visual design, threaded throughout the entire event brand experience, helps attendees stay aligned on the messaging goals and business objectives that the brand is communicating, and drives impactful user experience.

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Adobe Max

The Adobe MAX Experience

Several members of our design team attended Adobe MAX in Los Angeles and brought back a wealth of inspiration, piqued by Adobe’s community-first approach. Rather than installing a one-to-many showcase of the latest and greatest, the event took the form of a three-day festival celebrating the creative community.

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